The new Burmester C500 Speakers!


Burmester has un-veiled a new pair of massive speaker! The C500 Concept speakers are a remarkable piece of German engineering and the first words that come out of listeners mouths when hearing it is, “The Power!” These massive speakers weigh in at 500 kilos each and require a crane to be moved and are currently in the concept and prototype phase with a goal of a release date by the end of this year. 


The C500’s have two modes, pure mode and party mode(seen left). In pure mode the speakers are optimized for a seated listening position; how most audiophiles likely have their home audio set-up. In pure mode, or “audiophile mode,” the C500’s utilize a 3-way bass reflex side firing system to give the most pure and optimized sound possible to the seated listener.

Now, when you want to utilize the party mode the side firing speakers are swung out so that the bass drivers are pointing directly at your listeners and the front panel extends up along the aluminum frame. The full power of the C500’s are directed at your party which even at low volumes you can feel the power of the speakers.


There are two woofers with a diameter of 38cm(15″) and two midrange drivers with ultralight, extremely stiff cone and a powerful magnet system. Each woofer sits in a seperate elaborately reinforced single compartment.

The C500’s are also equipped with Air motion transformers (4 x 14cm2) which reproduce the high frequencies at the finest possible resolution and incredible love for detail.

The high and midrange drivers are embedded into the massive aluminium front which is nearly two meters high!

With an extremely solid frame these come in at over 500 kilos and require a crane to move around. The woofers are mounted in a rotatable body which is detached from the rest of the speaker cabinet. The well engineered construction principle enables the loudspeaker to be played in the differently tuned modes.



IMG_9208There are 4 handcrafted bassreflex tubes made of low-loss, double-walled porcelain. These tubes are made by our partners KPM Konigliche Porzallan-Manufaktur Berlin. The company has over 250 years of experience with building and managing porcelain and were brought on to create a unique component which is perfect in form and function and peerless in design. The solidity of the overall construction ensures minimal vibrations on an unprecedented level and the smooth surface of the material minimizes acoustic losses and flow noises occurring in the sub low frequency range.



The C500’s currently have no set price and are still in the prototype and concept phase, though you can most certainly expect that these will replace the B100’s as the reference speaker and most certainly will be more expensive. The expected release is by the end of this year! More information is certainly to come and we will be letting our readers know more as it comes, keep in the know by following our Burmester of North America Facebook and Rutherford Audio Facebook feeds.

C500 Speaker Photos


Norm of Rutherford Audio(6’2″) stands next to the C500 Speakers
C500 Speakers in Pure or Hifi Mode
The crossovers of all the drivers
The Munich High End Show system with C500’s in party mode
Special C500 concept booth in the middle of Munich!
Close up of the new cone construction in the C500 Speakers
The inner workings of the C500