Kalahari – A designers vision!

Artnovion is taking the Acoustic world by storm! The product lines are intended to match extreme performance with beautiful design. Gone are the days of a 2×2 square on your wall! While we can still provide you with that beautiful fabric square we have many other product lines that are intended to wow and dazzle!

A new kid on the block was just recently introduced at Munich 2017! The kalahari!

Kalahari is a high-performance acoustic absorber, crafted from wood using the same patented Artnovion technology that brought about the Sahara panel. An elegant tessellated pattern, designed to meld seamlessly across rooms. Kalahari is especially efficient at refection control, providing valuable scattering along with absorption.

A new league of acoustic treatment

The Sahara and Kalahari share a very important design feature. That feature is that they are a hybrid panel. They offer both Absorption and diffusion. This allows these panels to be utilized as a multi-purpose tool. Not only will they decrease the reverberation time of your room they can slow reflections in a room by scattering them across your space.


The Kalahari is a Hybrid Absorber that absorbs in the range of 350Hz to 8000Hz. It comes in both a furniture grade and fire rated classifications for both the home and commercial use. Built from wood, it is handcrafted by expert craftsman out of Portugal. The Kalahari has a double wide panel and a square panel and comes in a wide range of finishes:

Fixing Options

One of the best things about Artnovion is their fixing solutions. Gone are the days of glueing panels to the wall. Now we offer solutions that allow you to change, replace or even remove panels without permanently damaging the paint on your wall.


FixArt Tube 

FixArt tube is the easiest to install and offers the ability to easily ensure that your panels are perfectly aligned along the walls. Seamless integration was one of the focal points of Artnovions fixing solutions!

FixArt Metal

FixArt Metal will put your panels slightly closer to the wall than tube. If you are looking to minimize the presence of acoustic panels, metal is the way to go!


Kalahari is ready today! We will have it at the LA Audio Show in June and will be announcing it’s price then. If you are interested now, shoot an email to our Artnovion project manager, chad@rutherfordaudio.com

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