Measuring your Rooms Acoustics with the Impulso App by Artnovion


The Impulso App Guide

Impulso is a Room Acoustics Measurement App developed by Artnovion. It allows you to measure the acoustic response of your room, office or home theatre through your iphone! You can get even more technical by adding in a microphone and speakers which allow you to get the most precise results. Once you have measured the acoustics of your room you can go through and add in Acoustical Panels built by Artnovion to visualize the effectiveness theacoustic panels have on your room. You can add in any one of the Absorbers, Diffusers and Bass Traps built by Artnovion and each one comes along with the specifications so you can understand how it will effect your room.

The App is designed for the iphone do to its universal microphone and unfortunately since Androids can have a wide variety of microphones it will not be released for Android. It can function purely off the iphone, but if you connect a microphone and speakers to the phone the results will become potentially far more accurate.

How Impulso works

The App emits a range of sound(sine sweep) and measures the RT bands as the wavelengths bounce off the walls and furniture of your room back to your phone. Once you have this it develops a graph so you can visualize the measured Reverberation time in octave. From there you can move into selecting Artnovion products that will help you modify the graph to your preferred acoustical range.

Each acoustic panel has been measured extensivly by the engineers at Artnovion and you can download the specification sheets on our website under the product listings. Each panel is then taken into account how it will effect your rooms acoustics and the measurements are adjusted into a second line on the visual graph.

Once you are done, you can further see the frequency spectrum of your measurement and if you email off your results to Artnovion they send you a free multi-page package detailing the results and letting you know exactly were to place the panels. Artnovion Engineers will place the panels on the pictures giving you a visual map as to were you need to put your sound absorbers, diffusion panels and bass traps.

While the app is designed to be able to adjust the acoustics of your room with Artnovion products, any audio enthusiast can use this app in order to see the acoustical range of their room.  It truly is fun to go to each room and see which room in your house is best naturally for acoustical sound.

How to use the Impulso App – A Step by Step Guide by Rutherford Audio

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Click the logo to download the Impulso App and follow along

1.)  Turn off any background noise in your room

This step is essential, as it will interfere with the soundwaves sent out from your iphone/ipad when measuring the room.

2.)  Set-up a Mail account

Without a mail account connected to your iphone the final stage of the app process will not function properly.

3.)  Hit Play to launch the sound wave

Your phone will emit a sound across multiple frequencies to measure your room.

note: using a microphone will give you a 1% increase in accuracy over the iphone microphone and for optimal results it is suggested to plug into your home stereo system in the room. 

4.)  Hit play again and the App will study the results

The app will either give you a succesful check mark for you to move forward, or you may run into some problems. These problems may be do to background noise if you skipped step 1 or you may need to adjust the volume of the app itself.

5.)  Enter Room Dimensions

Here you can see the visual graph of Reverberation Time of the room you measured. Now it’s time to enter room measurements and products to adjust the graph to your liking. First thing to do is enter your room measurements inmeters.  I’m bolding and emphasizing meters for any Americans out there whom may automatically be thinking feet.

6.)  Select your Products

Hold down on the product buttons and it will take you to a separate page that allows you to scroll through a selection of acoustic panels. Each panel comes with its absorption performance, technical info, dimensions and an image of what the panel looks like.

You can add in multiple product lines and increase the amount of each product until you get the desired results of your Reverberation Time.   There are corner specific panels, in wall panels, ceiling panels, and bass trap panels. To see all available panels visit here.

note: we go into further detail and education on how to utilize the acoustic panels to improve the acoustics of your room.

7.)  Frequency Spectrum

Hit the next button to see the Frequency Spectrum.

8.)  Submit your results to Artnovion

From here you can take a photo of your room and send off all the information to Artnovion. While you already have an idea of how much it will cost based of the panels you have selected, Artnovion engineers will take all the information and the photos and actually place the panels into the appropriate locations in your room.

The engineers then send the instructions back to you along with distane, placement and any other information needed to properly place the panels.

Reverberation Time Evans Acoustic Panel display

Understanding your Results

It is important for you to understand the results that Artnovion gives back to you. We want your home theatre or listening space to have the best acoustical sound possible!

Reverberation Time

The reverberant sound in an auditorium or home theatre dies away with time as the sound waves are absorbed by multiple interactions with the surfaces of your room. Some surfaces absorb more, reflect more, or allow sound to pass right through. In a more reflective room, it will take longer for the sound to die away and some will call your room ‘live.’ In a very absorbent room, the sound will die away quickly and the room is acoustically ‘dead’.

Your best possible case scenario is that your Reverberation Time across all frequencies varies little. What this means is that you should work to get your second curve as linear as possible. It is normal for lower frequencies to have a longer reverberation time. Different RT’s suit different purposes. For a studio, you want it to be really low for recording speech(.2 to .5s). For listening to classical music or any heavy instrumental music you want it a tad bit higher at like .8s.

If you are measuring your room and you some how have a reverberation time of 5 seconds or more, you have a lot of work ahead of you. If your RT is >5s chances are you can’t even understand the person a couple feet away from you! You definitely need to begin adjusting with some of the Acoustical Panels that Artnovion provides. Time to turn your echoing room into a room with perfect sound!

The Absorbtion Coefficient is how you understand the current properties of surface areas of your room. The spectrum ranges from 0 to 1, glass which allows soundwaves to essentially pass straight through has a absorbtion coeffecient of pretty much 1, and concrete which absorbs everything has a absorbtion coefficient of 0. Understanding the absorbtion coefficient of the materials of your room will help you better understand how and where you need to place certain Acoustic Panels.

audio enthusiast


The advantages of using Impulso are tremendous; you can do an analysis right in front of your customer and show them how you can maximize the rooms acoustics and with what exact panels in a matter of minutes. No longer do you have to take measurements and send those measurements off for analysis before bieng able to give a cost estimate. Instead you will know exactly how many panels are needed and be able to give a cost estimate within 5 minutes of walking into a room.

When you walk into the room, you can pull out your iphone and launch the sine sweep and know instantly if the room can benefit from room treatments. From an Industry standpoint this makes things much more easy and accessible. For the enthusiast who simply wants to improve their listening rooms, this gives you the opportunity to assess your listening room yourself and you can choose the design/color of the panels to match the interior of your room.

The great thing about Artnovion panels is you no longer need to cover them with a cloth, you can simply choose different panels to match the interior design of the home theatre, listening room, or just in any office you may be working with. While traditionally you may put up fiberglass panels and cover them with cloth, which will absorb more sound and create an almost dead like tone in your room. With Artnovion diffusers, you can break up and disperse the sound wave to allow your room to have a more natural sound and be aesthetically beautiful as well.

With the assistance of Artnovion engineers you can determine exactly were each panel goes to maximize the effectiveness of your room, and they do this for free! You can purchase all the panels with Rutherford Audio and check out our products page to see all the statistics on the panels. Download the app here and try it out at your home and office and you can see how Artnovion can improve your life.