High End Show in Munich: Burmester Product Preview

The globe’s biggest yearly event dedicated to High End Audio is currently happening in Munich (May 14th to 17th). It’s a time when all the most dedicated audiophile experts meet to enjoy, discuss, and unveil the latest products. As per usual custom Burmester is taking this opportunity to unveil some new products and technologies. It’s an exciting time for the worldwide community of Burmester enthusiasts. Here’s a preview of what’s soon to reach the US market.

New Retro All-in-One System

The all new Phase 3 is officially being presented to the world. It combines retro design with the highest quality sound to make a system suitable for the most luxurious homes and offices. The centerpiece is the never-before-seen 161 digital all-in-one receiver; it is based on the design and technology of the 151 Music Server but equipped with additional power amps.


Burmester Phase 3 Digital All-in-one receiver and b15 speakers



Burmester Phase III with B15 Loudspeakers and receiver


On either side is a pair of B15 speakers. These hefty pieces of equipment combine the sonic neutrality of the Burmester B10 speaker with an extended bass response, making for a guaranteed optimal listening environment in all housing conditions. The speakers are adjustable in height and can be purchased with different stands or colors.

Below the 161 all-in-one receiver is a seperate compartment slot where connected devices can be stowed. According to Burmester the Phase 3 provides uncompromising high-end sound and intuitive ease of use via an iPad (included with purchase of the 161) and pre-installed app. All of these functions, designs, and technologies combine to make this stalwart Burmester product exceed the highest standards of sound and modern lifestyle.


Burmester Phase 3 in Chrome


Burmester Phase 3

Burmester B15 Speakers


Tidal High Fidelity Music Streaming is Partnering with Burmester

There has been a lot of media buzz about Tidal in the last few months. In less than a year the company has grown to become the household name for high fidelity online music streaming. To ensure its place as the recognized high end streaming service, Tidal has partnered with Burmester, arguably one of the best luxury audio component makers in the world. Now any new Burmester Music Server will be equipped to stream instantaneously from Tidal’s database of over 25 million flac tracks; all with the simple use of an intuitive app. More information is soon to come, as well as real images of the app interface. Stay in touch for a full press release.


Tidal and Burmester are Partnering

Burmester In-Wall Speakers?

There is still a shroud of mystery surrounding these in-wall speakers. As of yet, not much information has been revealed. Rest assured, a press release should be coming out soon.


Burmester On-Wall Speakers


More Innovations in the Realm of Car Audio

To ensure that the full spectrum of Burmester’s product offering is on display, there is an entire section dedicated to the Burmester car audio systems. Here’s the Mercedes Maybach and the Mercedes-AMG GT S.


Burmester in Mercedes


Burmester Car Audio Munich


The Munich High End show has always been an exciting time for Burmester. This year may have been a record breaker for total announcements from the company: New components (the 161) and speakers (the B15s), a partnership with Tidal, and new on-wall loudspeakers.