The revolutionary Burmester Sound System – The Phase 3


The Phase 3 is an extension of the Burmester product lines utilizing trickle down technology from it’s reference line. It is also built off a vast knowledge that has come from Burmester entry into the car audio industry in the past decade. The Phase 3 has been in development for nearly two years now. It was first introduced in Munich 2015 and was drooled over by thousands of Burmester enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. What took them two years to bring the product to consumers after its first introduction? You can refer to the below flowchart:


We were recently lucky enough to get our own demo Phase 3 for a few weeks. We were not 100% sure we were actually going to get it as customs held it as they believed it was some form of military equipment or something. Having been in the military for 8 years myself, believe me I wish this was on my packing list for Afghanistan! Boy, that would have made it so much better. We could have rolled around Afghanistan blasting Ahmad Zahir and probably brought peace to the region in less than a month.

The massive tough box the Phase 3 came in, is probably what made customs agents decide it was military equipment. Then they opened it, saw it was a Burmester sound system and probably hooked it up and kept it in their offices for 3 weeks. (It is so easy to hook up that even customs officers could have figured it out)

Vancouver Audio Show


When it finally got here, it was just in time for the Vancouver Audio Show. While we were not exhibiting ourselves, we like to support local dealers at audio shows so Element Acoustics brought it out to his showroom. The listening chairs were filled from day 1 all the way through! Element Acoustics had such a successful event with the Phase 3, he was ready to purchase his demo unit right then and there!

“Some say hifi is dying. To me, it’s never dying but changing. The Burmester PHASE 3 is an integration of the traditional 2 channel, digital audio and lifestyle. The sound quality satisfies even the most demanding audiophile, but it’s compact enough to fit into any home. The PHASE 3 is a new revolution in hi-end audio”

–Edward Ku of Element Acoustics

After finally getting it into the office, we were informed we only had it for a little more than a week! The head office broke theres and went back to the drawing board. So, we began scrambling to coordinate a few things we wanted to do with it before giving it our critical listening test. First up came Mercedes and Porsche photo shoot and listening sessions!

Porsche and Mercedes with the Burmester Phase 3

The Phase 3 is the perfect product for a S Class owner. After becoming comfortable in their car with a Burmester system, they will want to extend that sound to their home. Instead of going through the work of setting up a full reference line, with cartridge alignment, speaker placement and the exhaustive set-up that is audiophile gear. Instead, why not buy a all in one system that you plug in 3 cables: power and 2 speaker cables that already come with the Phase 3. Put it where it looks good and viola amazing sound!


We visited the Mercedes dealership with a Phase 3 to show their customers and staff the quality of sound is not just in your car but in your home. Stay tuned for our AMG event blog post courtesy of our Design Liason Steve Coombe. Here is a sneak peek at some of our photos!

phase3mercedesblack phase3mercedeswhiteartnovion


Right next door we took the Phase 3 to our Porsche customers for them to have a listen. We joined the Porsche team in 2009 and have not looked back since! Just this past week we have celebrated launch of the new Porsche Panamera and at the same time the premiere of the Burmester 3D High-End Surround Sound-System with Auro-3D-Technology.

The Burmester 3D High End Surround Sound-System, optional available in the new Porsche Panamera, has been exclusively tested by the surround-expert Stefan Schickedanz. And the sound-system with Auro-3D-Technology convinced at all points. “Natural ambient sound in the car, the long desired concert hall on wheels. With the new Panamera Porsche and Burmester came some steps closer to this dream.”

Back to the office! (The Review)


After taking it out for photoshoots we came back to the office and started our second phase. The time came for us to conduct our own critical listening tests. You can read everything I have to say but let me tell you first, this will be in my home! I’ve already started saving and may even be skipping my original planned next purchase of the new Thorens TD 905. I’m not the only audiophile who plans out my purchases am I?

The Phase 3 is technically designed and targeted for the non-audiophile group. The Phase 3’s mission is to create miraculous sound and not require hours of speaker placement.  We chose to still put a little thought into set-up so we put the Burmester sound system in roughly the best critical listening position for our desks. We were slightly off but it was good enough. We moved around some acoustic panels with Artnovion’s mobile wall kits as our office is a hell whole of reflections. Then we loaded it up with 2TB of music from our server and grabbed the ipad and created our playlists.

The first thing I always do when listening to a new Burmester component is listen to their Burmester demo CDs. Usually I go with CD03 or CD02 but this time I went with the Porsche Demo CD. Which listening too in a Porsche, I’m told is an immediate sell to upgrade to the Burmester sound system. After the first three tracks(Get out of my life Woman by Nils Landgren & Joe Sample,Jean Pierre by Marcus Miller and Main man’s Ear by Mike Silver) I new which direction I wanted to take my listening sessions. I went with Guitar playlists, mostly Blues with Jazz and other Rock mixed in.

As I started moving a long the playlist, working at the desk, my #1 test song finally came on; Stevie Ray Vaughan – Riviera Paradise. I had to get up, I had to move my chair and just sit and listen. We all know that feeling when certain tracks come on our system and just blow you out of the water. Holy cow! I know I’ve listened to this before but I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

I wish I could have had the opportunity to listen to Stevie live, but closing my eyes I could just imagine him up on the stage in front of me. I’ve watched enough Stevie Ray youtube videos to know all his facial expressions! This track has been my go to demo track since my first Burmester experience. I compare it all the Stevie Ray Vaughan on the Reference System. The Phase 3 gave me those same chills and those same goosebumps I got when I first listened to it on the reference system. It is amazing how after all this time, Burmester systems can still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

Needless to say, Blues fans like myself, the Phase 3 is a perfect system to have.

For the classically trained side, I’ll leave you a quote from our Design Laison Steve Coombe –

Working with Burmester North America Head Office, we get very spoiled as the Reference Line we have here is our go to system for everything we play. This includes, very literally, the reference for which all other systems are judged, Burmester and otherwise. So after seeing pictures of the Phase 3 and falling in love with the design for what felt like an eternity, we finally had our impatient hands on one direct from Germany!

How does the Phase 3 sound you wonder? I’ll get right to it in a word: Amazing. I have listened to pairs of B10’s through our High End system and I am always amazed. But the Phase 3’s B15’s that are capable of squeezing a little juicier bottom-end are remarkable. Most other manufacturer’s tower speakers are outshined by these little guys, in my opinion.

I personally listen to Classical music and Rock (classic rock all the way to the newer stuff). It truly is something to behold listening to some works including John Williams “Imperial March” (1977) hearing all the instruments perfectly envisioned in their space on the soundstage with unmatched clarity. And for the rock side of things, let’s just say this little Phase 3 has balls! Clear, crisp reproduction right through all the important frequencies. G’n’R’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (1988) was magically more ‘sweet’ through to The Sword’s “Apocryphon” (2012) with the saw-wave ‘blippy’ intro to the powerful attack of the band.

This Phase 3 system at $40k USD ($50k CDN) is a perfect way to get started with Burmester if you’ve ever dreamed of having one, like me! Or a fantastic additional system for your office or second home.

The Future of Sound

After all this was said and done, we sent it back out to Berlin and we finally got an official word on the release date of the Phase 3. You heard it! We now know for sure that the Phase 3 will be shipping to us at the end of this week just just in time for Christmas. Now, assuming customs doesn’t decide they are going to steal them from us because you know, Military Equipment or some BS reason. They should get to us by early December just in time for you to order one for Christmas!

If you want to learn more about the Phase 3 you can visit our product page or the Phase 3 micro-site which is undergoing an upgrade with all new content coming soon.

Or download the catalog. (link will be sent to your email)

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