With the B38, the Berlin-based manufacturer Burmester has added a full-blown floorstanding loudspeaker to its portfolio. But not only its sound properties should provide access to the living room.

When it comes to listening to music today, two observations are of interest. On the one hand, there are contemporaries who are already satisfied with unimportant rumbling background music. Admittedly, this type of sprinkling has never been easier than it is these days: smartphone, streaming service and a small active loudspeaker, and the small, closed system is ready. On the other side of the coin are people who appreciate serious listening to music. They use systems that give them a concert-like performance. For this, these connoisseurs not only invest in the system itself, no, they also create the necessary space for it. Because two loudspeakers are necessary for a three-dimensional sound image, the intensity of the experience is directly related to the selected components. The name is found on thisBurmester , this has been a promise that has been kept for decades for a highly emotional, involving music and sound experience.

The expectations of the new B38 are accordingly high when they announce their visit to our listening room. In its proportions, it is well done. A narrow baffle that ends at a height of 116.5 centimeters and the body, which protrudes almost half a meter, ensure a harmonious appearance. You can choose between black, white, walnut and medium gray for the surfaces. Part of the aesthetic concept is that no screws are visible either on the baffle or on the inside. The box, which weighs just over a hundredweight, rests on an aluminum base that is part of a spring-mass damping system – and that makes the use of spikes or rubber dampers superfluous.

The B38 is a three-way bass reflex design. Two chassis work in the upper part of the baffle, which are surrounded by a perfectly crafted aluminum frame. The midrange is equipped with a 17-centimeter fiberglass membrane. Burmester also uses this chassis in the smaller B18. His ability to realize short swing-in and swing-out processes make him ideal for working with the Air-Motion-Transformer, which the Burmester team actively helped to develop. The current chassis now has a more powerful magnetic drive. The foil membrane transmits frequencies above 2,400 Hertz, and as with all other components, Burmester takes great care to ensure that the tight tolerance ranges are adhered to.