Burmester Audio Awards from German HiFi magazine Stereoplay.

Burmester has once again won more awards for some of their amazing components from Stereoplay in Germany! With votes coming in from across Germany, Burmester won in the categories of All-in-One Systems with the Phase 3, Network players above 3000euro(~$3200USD) with the 150 and for innovation in the 111 music center and pioneering the future of high-end music servers.

The awards were handed out at the Hofbräuhaus München Restaraunt a beautiful 3 story restaurant that dates back to the 16th century. The awards are voted on by the readers of the magazine and the ceremony was on 21 February 2017.

All in One System – The Phase 3 – 2nd Place

The Phase 3 underwent one of the most extensive production cycles of any Burmester components. After the initial prototype, over 2 years of additional research and development went into this project. Perfection is the motto of the engineers at Burmester. Finally becoming available on January this year, the units were brought out to CES and immediately distributed and sold. You can find one at The Audio Video Boutique in Las Vegas or at Record Players and Vinyl in Los Angeles. Unit 0001 of the Loft Style was sold off to a customer of Element Acoustics in Canada.

The two styles include a retro and loft style. Retro features the classic chrome attack of Burmester components, with a beautiful finish on the sides that can come in a standard, red, white or black. Really you can custom order that color to anything you want! The loft style incarnates the industrial charm of modern lofts. The system includes a 161 music center and B15 loudspeakers as well as an additional compartment to advance your system. You can read more and get the full specifications on our Phase 3 Micro-Site

Network Players above 3,000 – The 150 – 2nd Place


The 150 network player offers streaming music from a UPnP Player, can also play music from a USB stick, offers access to a wide variety of internet radio stations or can play music from a commercial streaming service. Controlled from the ipad app, which offers seamless integration into and easy to control functions.

You can check out the 150 at any of our Burmester dealers. Give us a call at 303.872.6285 to set-up an appointment and we can set you up with a demo at your local dealer. Check out the specifications and additional info on our Burmester 150 product page.


Innovation for the Music Center 111 – 1st place


The 111 stands as the benchmark in music center technology. The development of the 111 reaches perfect synergy in convenience and sound quality. With its display screen and smooth volume and control knobs you can control almost everything from the unit itself. In combination with the Burmester iPad app, ease of control reaches a whole new level. With 3TB of hard drive space, you can burn all your CDs to store on the music center. A backup raid hard drive ensures the safety of your music as well.

You can find this component at practically every Burmester dealer as it is the highlight component of Burmester! If your local dealer recently sold theirs and doesn’t have one for you to demo, we can send them one of ours for you to demo. Check out our find-a-dealer page to find our Burmester dealers. For more information check out our Burmester 111 product page.