The Burmester 350 Reference Speaker

Last year we were introduced to a massive 500kg concept speaker called the C500! These speakers rumbled the entire MOC whenever a demo was played. They were massive! the sound was massive! and the detail was immaculate! Now those concept speakers have come to fruition in the now amazing BC350 Loudspeakers!

When we talk about a lack of compromise, these new reference loudspeakers are it! In this absolutely elegant design, you see color and shape and beauty and these are not just to capture the eye but to shape that perfect sound. The impressive shape allows this versatile loudspeaker to descent into the deepest pitches with almost limitless dynamics – yet will still amazing high resolution. The 350 indulges your ears in gentle melodies hovering delicately through your room.

Untouchable is a word I would use to describe the highly musical sound coming from the 350’s. They are truly Art of the Ear.

This massive speaker comes in at 350kg and is 1873x1000x420mm. It is housed in elegant American walnut and enclosed by a lavishly milled aluminum frame, which lends the loudspeaker solid support at all pitches.


Two 32 cm woofers, precisely defined in terms of surface and mass and perfectly matched to the bass reflex design with two bass reflex tubes manufactured by KPM, provide powerful deepness; two 22 cm midwoofers with light papyrus membranes offer superior sound clarity and two AMT tweeters (Air Motion Transformer) with folded foil membranes allow for a naturally nuanced sonic image at the higher frequencies. In this way, a large AMT sends its sound directly to the listeners, while a smaller one is directed upwards to provide, on request, the spaciousness of the music playback by means of indirect sound.

The thoughtful design principle puts the speaker in the position of being able to reproduce music in two different tunings. A switch on the speaker lets the listener select between delicate detail and readiness for the highest levels.

Pure and Live Mode

The concept of pure and live mode was first introduced in the C500 last year. In the past year, Burmester has perfected this concept into the BC350. In Pure mode, for the audiophile, this focuses on the priorities of a high-end music experience. Authenticity, tonal balance, high resolution, and precision. The sound stage is key in pure mode. Being able to differentiate the placement of individual instruments and voices, yet at the same time be captivated by all at once.

In Live Mode, the C500’s had a rotated woofers to push all that sound directly into the listener. In the year from the first concept, the designs has changed slightly. The goal in live mode is the focus of the tuning of dynamism, playfulness, and spaciousness. The increase the spaciousness according to individual preferences, an adjustable tweeter is activated at the top of the housing. The audio image in this mode is dynamic and powerful and simultaneously impresses the listener with detailed resolution and the ability to reproduce enormous volumes without distortion.

So while the C500 had rotated its woofers for live mode, the new design for this mode activates a tweeter that fires from the top of the housing.

The 350 sparkles with perfection. Burmester engineers gave the most inspiring presentation at Munich. From the “pure mode” to the “live mode” my ears continued to be dazzled by the range in dynamics but maintaining an accurate image of the music.

This concept of pure and live is truly a new evolutionary step in the world of speaker technology.


The housing walls in the 350 are built to have extremely low vibration. This is done via cross struts from an acrylic bonded mineral that allows the BC350 to be amazingly accurate. The high-strength and extremely low-loss crossover components are selected in order that all of the signals are transported to the individual speakers with the highest degree of quality. The include lighting fast-acting gold-oil capacitors for the tweeter.

KPM Bass-Reflect Tube 

Last year with the C500 we introduced the bass reflect tube. This handmade bass reflect tube is built from low-loss, double-walled porcelain. Maunfated by the collaborative partner, Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur. The design and development teams from both manufacturers have taken up the challenge of creating an exclusive component that is unique both in form and function and in design.

The rigidity of the material offers ideal conditions for use as a bass reflect tube. The stability of the overall design ensures unrivaled low levels of vibration. The smooth surface of the material minimizes any acoustic losses or flow noises arising from the low bass reproduction.