Acoustical Systems EVOCATOR Phono Stage

Acoustical Systems is a brand becoming known amongst the top audiophiles as the world as an item you want in your war chest! The detail and precision that comes from Acoustical Systems products is immaculate and allows you to hear every nuance of the vinyl that we so much enjoy. Dietrich has worked on perfecting the chain of components that allow vinyl to come true from the Tonearm and Cartridge to the tools that make your system perfect! Now we add to that, the EVOcator, a full feature reference tube RIAA Phono Stage! 

The EVOcator all-triode-tube reference RIAA phono stage featuring:

 ·      full feature 4 phono inputs – RCA and balanced – w/3 selectable gain stages for MC

·      2 outputs – RCA and balanced – 600 Ohms studio pro standard

·      front panel selectable load for capacitance and impedance for MI and MM

·      front panel selectable load impedance for MC inputs

·      front panel selectable phono phase 0° and 180° inverted

·      front panel selectable Mono / Stereo

·      separate power supply with tube rectification and 

·      DC tube regulated plate supply

·      Selectable grounding route for zero hum

·      Operates 100 to 250 V ac line – 50Hz and 60 Hz

·      Highest quality connections: WBT (RCAs), Eichmann (RCAs choice) Furutech (IEC socket and XLR (choice)), Lemo (power supply to phono stage).

Entirely designed and made in Germany.

The EVOcator is available for order with a lead time of 2 months. Designed to bring the analog performance beyond the current frontiers – moving into an all-new territory of transparency, dramatic live-likeness and stunning emotional impact in analog sourced sonic performance. It is designed and made with the very best components to allow the signal encoded from our tonearms and cartridges and played on the APOLYT to reach the line stage of your set-up in unparalleled quality and purity.

It is designed to compete with and outperforms the best phono stages out there. The EVOcator offers extreme versatility, easy front panel user selectable adjustments, superior performance, and outstanding quality build all apparent to the customer.

The EVOcator mates extremely well with all high quality line stages – thanks to its transformer-coupled 600 Ohm outputs.

At the Munich High End Show, you can listen to the combination of the EVOcator and APOLYT turntable combined!