A Burmester Turntable has arrived – The Burmester 175!

Just yesterday our biggest Burmester dealer in Canada came into the office and we discussed “what was in the white box.” We had seen a few photos of the Burmester set-up at Munich already so we were obviously curious. We knew that there was something secret coming and there was a few guesses thrown out. A pre-amp was the first one, it made sense since the very first product was a pre-amp and this is the 40 year anniversary. They also recently did a speaker and a power amplifier so it doesn’t leave much left!

However, some of us guessed turntable! It was the next logical step for Burmester to join the Vinyl Revolution! Have a Burmester pre-amp? Match it with this amazing Burmester turntable!

After 35 years of experience in processing the finest audio signals, Burmester now crowns its series of successful phono preamplifiers with a turntable!

The Burmester 175 Turntable

Flush alongside other Burmester components, a wall of chrome reflections will greet you as you go to place your vinyl on the new 175 Turntable! It’s sleek chrome and aluminum looks reminds me of the superb work of the craftsman at Burmester. Everything is hand made from the smoothness of the speed selector to the motor and the beautiful chrome front.

Burmester reflects you in the next step of the Burmester line! For 40 years, Burmester has supported vinyl with their superb pre-amps and power amplifiers but now today they join that revolution. The call was just too great!

We need a Turntable! 

I will share with you a little fun analytics thing! Everyone month, thousands of people search for a few unique things that Burmester does not have. A turntable and headphones! For one of those google searches we now have that answer; the 175!

Like all things Burmester, nothing comes easy. Perfection is the name of the game and to achieve perfection it takes time and work. The simplest details matter, if the knob doesn’t turn as smooth as you want, re-make it! If the tonearm doesn’t slide perfectly to the platter, re-design it!


In this beautiful statement turntable, Burmester has achieved Perfection once again! Not just in the sound but the quality of the product. Crisp clean lines of chrome and aluminum greet you when you open the box. As you slide your fingers along the edge, you get the urge to wear gloves to leave that perfect clean look. The weight of this beautiful turntable can be felt as you lift it out of the box and place it onto its platform.

As you finish assembling the turntable you can feel the perfect balance of the tri-blance platform. Finally turning it on, as the lights light up and you feel the smooth turn of the chrome speed selector you get to enjoy the amazing sound of your vinyl. Hopefully out of the new Burmester 350s!

The Platter

Now for some details! With two layers of aluminum and a further layer of brass in between them, the platter utilizes Sandwich construction that allows for optimal damping and less resultant resonance. To increase damping even further, the bitument coating is added on the side of the plate. The sub-platter with utilizes an automatically centered cone for easy mounting of the platter.

Maintenance Free! That’s right, you heard it! The platter bearing is designed to be maintenance free for life! How do the Germans do this? Thousands of years of masterful engineering is how!

The Motor

Utilizing four motors surrounding the sub-platter cone, the multiple belt system ensures no irregular tensions on the central bearing. The two-fold design of this arrangement shortens the ramp up time and improves synchronization.

The AC synchronous motors used are driven by digital motor electronics which perform their task with a high-precision oscillator and a perfect sine and cosine voltages.

The electronics are completely immune to fluctuations in the mains voltage frequency. Due to the high level of efficiency of the electronics, driver stages and motors, the entire unit remains cool and free from heat-related impairments.

The Tone Arm

In addition to the drive, the cardanic mounted 9-inch tone arm with carbon-aluminium tube acts as the guardian of an almost divine sound quality. Its bearing in the form of a hybrid bearing of steel and ceramic guarantees clean sampling of the vinyl treasures. The anti-skating is gradually adjustable via a knob.

Gain and power supply

The 175 is designed as an active turntable. This allows the very small signals from the pick-up to be gently amplified after the shortest possible path. This is the task of the proven phono boards from the legendary Burmester 100 phono pre-amplifier and it allows external voltage values at a superior level. The use of an external power supply increases the sound quality because hum and interference components from the mains voltage are banished to a place far away from the highly sensitive pick-up.


The 175 turntable stands on three solid feet that are designed to be magnetically isolated. In this way, the drive is reliably protected against mechanical vibrations that might affect the sound without creating any feeling of instability.