40 years of nothing but the best

40 years ago Dieter Burmester went looking for something new…something better, as he was not satisfied with his system. Unable to find anything to satisfy his needs he developed the now infamous 777 Pre Amplifier. Rumors grew of Dieters pre amp as he showed it to friends, and they discussed it with their friends, and Burmester was born in 1977 to fulfill the demand of nothing but the best.

Burmester invited all their distributors as well as a number of the top industry professionals and partners to their 40 year anniversary in Berlin. Over 400 guests arrived at the Bolles Meierei in where they were greeted by the new CEO Andreas Henke and the wife of the late Dieter Burmester, Marianne Burmester.

After initial introductions and some storytelling in German, the unveiling of the final design concept of the new beautiful 159 Amplifier occurred! 

The 159 Power Amplifier

The new 159 Mono Blocks are Burmester’s most powerful amplifier ever built. The original concept, first shown at the Munich High-End show in 2016, was much more similar to the 909s in design. Like all Burmester products, they go through a concept phase then eventually over years of hard work come to the open market and into the hands of Burmester’s loyal customers and those looking for the best. We expect these new amplifiers to ship in 2018.

The 159’s are not as tall as the 909 but are much more substantial in stature being much deeper and very much heavier, estimated at 300+ lbs. A fascinating design element is a sliding top on the 159’s. In order to power on the unit, you slide the massively heavy top towards the back, exposing the power lever and all the multiple damping factor settings of this world first design. Grab a hold of the power handle, something you would expect to see on a space ship, and you pull the lever forward to turn on the power that is the Burmester 159. These Mono-blocks were design of Dieters that he had been working on for years, I recall getting a phone call from Dieter back in the winter of 2011 while I was enjoying the snow in Whistler, he was so excited to tell me about the epiphany he had and how amazing this great new design was going to be. The amazing team of engineers at Burmester were able to complete on this project.

After the unveiling came drinks and social time and the time to oodle over the new BC350 speakers driven by the 159s. The 350’s are quite the masterful piece of work and are likely not quite finished as their first introduction was just months ago! You can read more about the 350s here.

The Burmester Band

The night carried on with multiple performers concluding with the Burmester band taking the stage. Stefan Größler and Bernd Römer(lead guitarist of Karat) took over the stage with their duel guitars and were then followed by others including Andreas Henke, the CEO. Finally, the full Burmester band took the stage with Fabian(head of marketing automotive) on the keys and even Dina Hoenge, marketing director, in the chorus. Many more of the Burmester team joined in, including Marianne herself.

Keeping with the tradition of the founder Dieter Burmester, much of the Burmester team are musicians. Burmester Audio is truly a brand ran by Musicians/Engineers and it shows in their products. It shows in everything that Burmester does as the engineers lead the way.  The detail and power of Burmester components all match the musicality expected from professional musicians.

The evening was a wonderful testament to what really separates Burmester from the others. A very classy event with great food and wine, good friends, and a truly amazing team of musically minded engineers and staff that can all play at a professional level.

40 years young and so many more to go…..

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